Elon Musk “It is important to to view knowledge as a type of semantic tree- make sure you understand the principles ie the trunk and big branches, before you get into the details/leaves or there is nothing for them to hang onto.”

Science at Staverton equips children with the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science that will enable them to understand the physical and natural world around them. 

What science looks like at Staverton?

  • Scientific knowledge is embedded and truly grasped through systematic and open-ended scientific enquiry that is creatively and rigorously planned, executed and recorded.
  • Scientific literacy is paramount in understanding and embedding scientific concepts therefore scientific vocabulary is taught to and confidently used by all staff. 
  • When children’s curiosity is ignited, scientific concepts can truly be understood. Creative, knowledgeable and hands on teaching provides children with the ability to rationally explain scientific concepts opens children’s minds to the world around them. 
  • A range of trips and workshops take place across the year groups to help cement knowledge and put science into a real-world context. 
  • Pupils learn of the contribution scientists have made in helping us to understand and shape the world we live in, and inspire them to be the next generation of scientific thinkers through developing resilient and creative problem solvers. 

We are experts in science because:

  • We are curious and enjoy learning about the physical and natural world around us
  • We independently and creatively plan and execute scientific enquiry to explore scientific theory
  • We analyse results using sound scientific knowledge and evidence to underpin a conclusion
  • We select appropriate tools to gather data when working scientifically
  • We select the most appropriate methods of recording findings
  • We can apply fair testing measuring to ensure we are getting accurate findings within experiments
  • We use a range of primary and secondary sources
  • We use scientific vocabulary to explain core scientific concepts and principles that underpin our world

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