We use mathematics every day: from telling the time to handling money to reading timetables and so much more. It is vital to be numerate to participate fully in our community and in our world. Therefore, at Staverton school we aim to make sure every child has a rich and meaningful maths education. Through our teaching and learning of mathematics we aim to develop:

Positive Attitudes
We would like every child to have a love for and enjoyment of mathematics and, as educators, have high expectations of all learners and a belief that everybody can have success in mathematics. We aim to provide a challenge and sense of achievement for all pupils. We wish to create a positive learning environment where children can take risks and learn from their mistakes and will promote independence of thought, action and problem solving.

It is important that all children at Staverton school become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, through varied and frequent practice. Every child should develop a conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.

Children should be encouraged to explain, justify, question and prove when completing mathematics activities. They need to explore patterns, follow a line of enquiry, describe relationships, make generalisations and develop an argument. Teachers should promote the use of the correct mathematical vocabulary to enable mathematical talk. STEM sentences should be promoted in all key stages to help children grasp new mathematical language.

Problem Solving
Children should be confident in solving problems by efficiently applying mathematics to a variety of problems and be able to think logically and systematically.

The school aims to cultivate a deep understanding of a range of mathematical skills and knowledge which can be used to explore, interpret, predict, explain and understand the world. We also aim to create opportunities for mathematics across all areas of the curriculum to make it meaningful, inspire creative thinking and allow opportunities for the application of skills and knowledge.

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